Wow, such a maelstrom over my last post! Based on some people’s comments, I guess I shouldn’t dedicate the rest of my life towards eradicating the evil Mr Sushi and starting that 501c group specifically designed to ban the use of Mr Sushi in any media outlets. (That was sarcasm).

Actually, I did have a final correspondence with the Mr Sushi ad creator who seemed to get the point I was making. I think it was the visuals that got him. The guy is an artist and I think as they say a picture is worth a 1000 words. As suspected, he hadn’t any clue about the historical significance of the iconography until I showed him just how common it was.

If you are wondering why I didn’t reprint that correspondence, it’s because he asked me not to. He was fine with the public forum of debate I had created with the original letters (though a bit blind-sided by it), but I think he preferred to keep our continued communication private. Regardless, I was really happy with the outcome of my late-night whim to write him — see nocturnal procratination does pay off. From what I could gather from the little bit we did talk, he seemed open and had a good sense of humor about it (which I can’t say for everyone on the comment page).

I love how about 5%  of the comments accuse me of being a rabid knee-jerk race-card-pulling racism labeler. Most of them seem to feel that it’s better to do nothing if you have an opportunity to. I would point out the demographic of most of those posters but I think that would be something a rabid knee-jerk race-card-pulling racism labeler would do. It’s funny that some people are much more comfortable attacking someone for attempting to say something in a mature manner than actually reading what was said. And just to be clear, I never called the Mr Sushi creator a racist.

Anyway, now that I have your attention. I just got this in my email box from my friend Phil. Maybe those that think I should focus on more important issues will be happy with this fund raising event happening in LA. It is in support of House Resolution 121:

Dear friends:

It’s short notice but an important event is taking place this Friday night which I hope you can attend.   Yong Soo Lee, a former comfort woman, has come from Korea to advocate on behalf of House Resolution 121, the Comfort Women resolution, which will hopefully go to a House vote this month.  Some of us were fortunate enough to have dinner with her last night and she is energetic, witty and all around amazing.   There will be a FREE event this Friday night for the general public to meet her and hear about her experiences.  All the info. follows and you can also get more info. at the website listed below.  If you can’t make it, please consider making a donation of any amount.  Every dollar counts.  Let me know if any of you have further questions.

I’ve also attached a short bio. about Lee halmoni and if anyone has contacts with any non-Korean press who might be interested in doing a story on her or the issue please let me know.  This is a crucial week for the resolution because if it doesn’t get called up for a vote this month before the recess, it’s unlikely there will be momentum for the resolution afterwards so we want to get the word out as much as possible.

And please forward to anyone you think might be interested.

Thank you,

A night with Yong Soo Lee (former “Comfort Woman”) to support passage of H.Res.121


Yong Soo Lee, a former “Comfort Woman” who had been lured into one of the most extensive sexual trafficking in the 20th century by Japanese government will be with us to share her stories of pain and hope…

Join us to honor her life and courage to end all organized sexual violence against women and social injustice.

JJ Grand Hotel
620 S. Harvard Bl.
Los Angeles, CA 90005

Time: Friday, July 13th. 6:30pm

Contact: Phyllis Kim 213-247-5390 gipunuri@yahoo.com

The event is free and open to the public, but donations toward the cause are greatly appreciated.

Donations: Please make check payable to “HR 121” and bring it to the event or mail it to:

H.Res. 121 Coalition in CA
3580 Wilshire Blvd. #1050
L.A., CA 90012

For more info go to: support121.org


10 thoughts on “

  1. I think you’ve done a great job at civil discourse of an issue that is as sensitive as such. Here’s a great analogy to your discomfort: The character Picaninny. As long as you speak your mind as you do, I think you can hold your head high knowing you’ve, at the very least, enlightened a lot of ignorant people. And as a film maker, you have an incredible power to dispel a lot of stereotypes as you have had. Again, kudos to you.

  2. i say keep fighting the good fight.as for me, i just seem to have developed a numbing sense of apathy to all of this. i can’t help it. notre dame crushed my spirit, or quelled it, or interpolated it. i don’t know. i see this stuff that used to once instill great bitterness, but i don’t know what happened. hopefully one day the fire comes back. and you put the good word out. like you said, it does have lasting effects. rock on sir, rock on.

  3. Those testimonies of former comfort women are heartbreaking… I wonder how many more women in warring nations are being victimized like them… Japan should be ashamed for not apologizing.

  4. I commend you on your very civil and intelligent discourse. I am glad that there are still people who aren’t afraid to call out others when they are doing something wrong. There was nothing “knee-jerk” about your outrage, it was completely justified. The mr. sushi character is as insulting and ignorant as the southern picaninny and injun joe characters. Keep up the good work.

  5. I think that sounds like a good resolution.  I’m not really into reparation resolutions – at least not for people that are deceased, but yes, an apology is definately in order.
    I didn’t get a chance to read your last post totally yet.  I was pretty tired when I ran across it so I subbed in order to read it today.  From what I have read though, it sounds like something similar to what I ran across a couple of weeks ago.  I will read it now and comment on it there. 

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