Check it out. The
annual Alfred
P. Sloan Award
deadline is coming up. For those of you that
don’t know about it, the award is given to projects where science or
technology are a main component. Not to generalize, but with so many
Asian American readers, I could imagine that one of you out there has a
script that deals with this.  FYI I also know that the
competition for this award is often pretty slim, so the chances of
winning are better than with some screenplay contests out

From The
Sundance Institute

Dear Friends, Alumni, and Filmmakers (and
many of you who are all three),
We are
writing to announce our call for submissions for the 2007/2008
Sundance/Sloan Commissioning Grant.  This grant will provide
support to filmmakers developing science and technology related
narrative screenplays with generous support from the Alfred P. Sloan
Foundation.  Through this commissioning grant we are able to
support filmmakers with a wider range of experience than in our
Screenwriting and Directing Labs, including writers and directors who
have made several features as well as those at an earlier stage in
their careers.
For this grant, we are
seeking a science or technology related narrative project that is in
treatment form or an early draft stage.  The recipient will

  • $20,000 cash
  • $5000 for a science
  • Ongoing creative and strategic support from
    the Institute
  • The possibility of inclusion in a

Projects must have science or technology as a
major theme or scientists as major characters.  We cannot
consider science fiction or projects that stray too far from a base of
scientific reality.  We also cannot consider projects that are
already being developed within the studio system (including the
mini-majors); it is fine, of course, if they are later made at the
Recent recipients of the Sloan
Commissioning Grant are Gregory Harrison for his project Radioactive
Boy Scout and Lisa Krueger with Sugar
The deadline for applications for
the Sloan Commissioning Grant is September 10, 2007.  Please
feel free to pass this information on to anyone you feel might fit the
criteria and benefit from this grant.  The downloadable
application and further information can be found at http://www2.sundance.org/pdf/Sloan_Commissioning_Grant_Application_07_08.pdf
are also continuing our Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship to the Labs which
provides the opportunity to attend the January Screenwriters Lab in
2008.   We invite your submissions and
recommendations for science and technology related screenplays (with
the same criteria as above).  For this fellowship, we can only
consider completed drafts of screenplays by first or second time
Our most recent recipient of
the Sloan Fellowship to the Screenwriters Lab was Braden King with his
project co-written by Dani Valent entitled Here.  Other
projects that have recently been supported by Sundance (at the
festival) and the Sloan Foundation include Andrucha Waddington’s House
of Sand, Shane Carruth’s Primer and Chen Shi-zheng’s Dark
The deadline for recommendations
for the Sloan Fellowship at the 2008 January Screenwriters Lab is
September 15, 2007.


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