Catch Up

Check out Oliver Wang’s new blog “Chasing Chan” which deals with all things Asian American Film Related (no Michael Kang entries as of yet, I don’t know when I will be let into the cannon… sigh) but nonetheless, Oliver Wang has some damn good reads. The dude definitely knows his history. If you take a look, you will too.

From Poplicks:

“Yeah, I know, I know. I’m sure I have more pressing things to attend to. Nonetheless, I felt compelled to create a blog dedicated to Asian American cinema: Chasing Chan.

Even though most folks know of my music writing and scholarship, I’ve actually spent years in the Asian American cinema world too and wanted to create a side project based on it. I launch with a new interview with filmmaker Justin Lin that appears in this year’s Cinevue program by Asian Cinevision.”


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  1. Small world, Oliver Wang was my Asian American Studies professor at Berkeley. The class i took was ‘Asian Americans in Film/Video’. Maybe he’ll show one of your films in class in the near future!

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