Poker Face

If you’re in LA and you think you are pretty good at cards, then you ought to check this out – a benefit poker night for the good folks at The Lodestone Theater.

From Lodestone:

Sunday September 9th at Oiwake

Join Lodestone for a night of chips, tunes, prizes, and fun!  Oiwake
Japanese Restaurant and Bar is hosting a No Limit Texas Hold-Em Tournament
with prize packages for the top winners!  Is poker not your thing?  Then
join us for Karaoke!  There will be raffle drawings for great prizes all
night long.  All-you-can-eat buffet provided so bring your friends!

Oiwake Restaurant in Little Tokyo
122 Japanese Village Plaza
Doors open at 6pm.  Tournament starts at 7pm.  Buffet is available from

$12 Admission at the Door (includes Dinner Buffet, Entertainment and
$50 Poker Tournament (includes Buy-In and Admission Fee / Dinner Buffet)
$45 Pre-Sale Tickets Available for Poker Tournament (payment must be
received by September 7, 2007)

For $45 Pre-paid poker tickets, please make checks out to Lodestone Theatre
Ensemble and mail to:
Attn: Lodestone Poker Fundraiser
PO Box 1072
Studio City, CA 91614

All pre-sale tickets must be received by September 7th, 2007.
No “prizes” won at the poker event are redeemable for cash


Inspire 07

I think I mentioned this before, but it’s coming up now and if you are in the Bay Area, you should definitely check out Inspire 07. It’s a think tank conference of Asian American leaders from all areas (including little old me). Part of the promotional lead up to the event is this series of youtube shows called “I Love The Asians.” Fun stuff.

  • Come out this Labor Day
    Weekend as we bring you
    INSPIRE ’07,
    the premier leadership
    conference featuring many of the
    who’s who in the Asian-American
    !  This is your chance to meet,
    network, and learn from many different APA leaders,
    innovators, and peers from different industries.
    Meet celebrities ~ Yul
    Kwon, James Kyson Lee, Justin Lin, Tamlyn Tomita;
    politicians/ government
    ~ Norman Mineta, Mike Honda;
    entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, non profit orgs
    women leaders, and more!
  • Aug
    31 – Sep 3, 2007
    at the
    Westin St. Francis in San


From the Chosun Ilbo:

Taliban kidnappers on Tuesday confirmed they agreed with the Korean
government to free all 19 Korean hostages held in Afghanistan, ending a
40-day crisis that has shaken Korea. The two sides reached agreement in
a fourth round of face-to-face negotiations at the Afghan Red Crescent
office in Ghazni Province on Tuesday afternoon.

Presidential spokesman Cheon Ho-seon said the Taliban agreed to
release all remaining Korean captives on condition that Korea withdraws
its forces in Afghanistan within this year and bans missionary
activities by Korean Christians in the Islamic country.

This handout file photo released from Sammul Church shows the group of
South Koreans posing for a memorial photo before leaving for
Afghanistan at the international airport in Incheon July 13, 2007.

Taliban negotiator Qari Mohammad Bashir said the two sides reached
agreement when the Taliban withdrew its demand for the release of
Taliban prisoners in exchange for Korean hostages while Korea promised
to pull its troops out of Afghanistan by late this year and compel
Korean missionaries leave the central Asian country by late this month,
according to Pajhwok Afghan News. However, there was speculation of
other, under-the-table agreements. Asked about a prisoner swap the
kidnappers had earlier demanded, the spokesman simply said, “In
consideration of the Afghan government’s position, the Korean
government proposed a feasible method to the Taliban and has been
negotiating sincerely” with the Islamist group.

Despite the agreement, it was not clear when the captives will
be freed and handed over to the Korean government. Cheon said that
having the hostages returned will take time and they will not be freed
immediately. Korean negotiators will discuss the release procedures
with the kidnappers, he added.

An unidentified Korean representative talks with media along with
Taliban representative Qari Bashir at the Afghan Red Crescent Society
of Ghazni province, west of Kabul, Afghanistan on Tuesday. /AP

Qarabagh District Taliban commander Abdullah Jan, who led the
abduction, told the Chosun Ilbo’s local correspondent Rahimullah
Yusufzai after the conclusion of the negotiations that the release will
hopefully start Wednesday. Jan told CBS News it was possible a small
group — three or four hostages, likely women — would be released
later Tuesday, but said all of the captives should be freed in “the
next two or three days.”

The government will seek additional negotiations with the
kidnappers to free the hostages as soon as possible. The militants
abducted 23 Korean Christian volunteers on July 19. On July 25, they
killed the Rev. Bae Hyung-kyu and on July 31 Shim Sung-min. They later
released released two women hostages.

I See Red

Those of you in New York, check out this event. It looks like it could be the start of something big.

The hardest part of filmmaking is getting that cash money to make the movie. These people at Red Eight are trying to help remedy that. The event is to help connect money and artists. There are four projects being featured (three of which are by friends of mine!).

Red Eight Film Circle August 2007

Connecting Filmmakers and Investors

August 23rd, 2007 @ 6:30 pm

The Williams Club

24 East 39th Street

New York, NY, 10016

First 100 people to register will receive a gift bag.

    • Risa Morimoto
      Producer/Director Wings of

      Documentary on WWII Kamikaze
    • crawling-at-nightKimi
      Writer/Director Crawling at
      From the Producers of Secretary.
    • Pooja Kumar
      Producer 1001 Auditions
      A Short Film by Arun Singh.
    • Francisco Aliwalas
      Founder Fran Films
      Moving Image Maker.

Spit In Your Hair

After reading this article from the Village Voice, now I just feel bad for poor old crazy Kenneth Eng. He is obviously mentally disturbed. I hope he gets the help he needs.

From The Village Voice:

We told you last week how Kenneth “Why I Hate Blacks” Eng was sentenced to counseling for attempting to assault his neighbors with a hammer, only to be picked up moments later on federal charges.

The feds say Eng, a 23-year-old from Queens, made threatening phone
calls to an NYU classmate. Eng “did transmit in interstate commerce a
communication containing a threat,” according to sworn affidavit from
an FBI agent who investigates hate crimes.

The criminal complaint contains references to the Voice’s reporting on Eng, spit attacks, and bigotry of all varieties.

is a self-proclaimed racist who hates whites and blacks, and believes
that Asians should rise up against them with violence,” the complaint
states for starters.

It then lays out the incidents at NYU that got Eng into this latest round of trouble:

“In the fall of 2003, Eng’s second year at NYU, he was
enrolled in an Advanced Production class. On or about September 12,
2003, during this class, Eng stated, in response to a presentation by a
female African-American student, that the students should tell the
“Negro” that the work was bad. The professor and several students in
the class, including John Doe, told Eng that his comments were
inappropriate. Shortly thereafter, Eng was expelled from the course. In
response to the expulsion, ENG sent an email to the professor, stating
in part and substance: ‘I was recently pondering whether I should
continue to think of jews [sic] as equals, but I think your actions
have made up my mind.'”

In the summer of 2004, Eng encountered the John Doe in an editing
room and spit in his hair. “Eng then moved closer and spit directly
into John Doe’s face two times. Eng called John Doe a ‘white pussy’ and
told John Doe, in substance that he recently published an essay
advocating militant violence against whites to protect Asian rights,”
the complaint states.

NYU security escorted the John Doe out of the building. A fews days later, the John Doe was again escorted out by security.

Eight months then passed, and the John Doe received a call from Eng
who repeatedly said words to the effect of “Remember me? I’m the guy
who spit on you.” Eng kept calling the John Doe, intimidating him to
the point that he did not show up at the university when the school
screened his own movie at an event called “First Run.”

Eng’s parents posted $500,000 bail. No word yet on when he is due back in court.