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The title of this post is more for myself than anyone. I guess I’ve kind of avoided posting or really thinking about the situation in Afghanistan and the Korean aide workers. It is just so sad and opens up so many feelings of frustration and anger about the way this world has turned since Bush II. I hate that feeling of helplessness (and hopelessness) that I am so used to when thinking about world politics.

But today, I got this in the email box from peachies and it knocked me out of my blog spider hole. If nothing else, I think it is important to at least educate ourselves on what’s going on . If  you live in LA, come by and find out what if anything there is you can do to help:

Another life lost, needlessly.  On Monday, a second South Korean hostage in Afghanistan was killed, joining Bae Hyung-Kyu, the leader of the 23 members of an aid group who were kidnapped two weeks ago by the Taliban, as another casualty in a war that has claimed the lives of so many innocents. The turmoil that may appear so distant and far removed from our own lives, in places like Afghanistan and Iraq, does indeed impact us.  You may have asked yourself, “What can I do to help?”

We have decided to act now.  Come be educated on the state of affairs in Afghanistan.

When: Thursday, August 2nd at 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Where: The Korean Education Center
680 Wilshire Place
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(located next to Southwestern Law School parking lot.)

Guest Speakers from the Afghanistan Consulate General Office and the Korean American Coalition.

There will be an informal after-event at The Prince restaurant (un-hosted).

The Prince
3198 W 7th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90005 (213) 389-2007 

Get more information, speak your mind, and engage.

Contact us:


6 thoughts on “

  1. Not only are two dead, but some of the remaining hostages are reportedly ill. Time is running out. This event is definitely needed right now. I wish I lived close enough to attend!

  2. Why did they choose to enter enemy territory in the first place? I don’t know how much sympathy I can feel for people who deliberately put themselves in danger. I do wish they weren’t harmed but people suffer all over the world and more close by. This doesn’t strike me as anything special.

  3. Rebullgirl ny,

    It saddens me to hear your response. People who go before danger in hopes of bettering the world, whether you agree with their beliefs or not, are the world’s most courageous. I’m not advocating Christianity, but I am advocating compassion and respect for life, any life, in this case, human. The world’s downward spiral into terrorism and murder has shrunk our hearts. The Korean hostages are Christian crusaders, and though my philosophies may differ from theirs, I laud them for their bravery. To be killed or tortured for a commitment to one’s life mission is unconscionable. To be killed or tortured, period, is absolutely unacceptable. Whether you believe in Jesus, Buddha, or Allah, it is the constitutional luxury that we, in the U.S., take for granted. I commend you for at least “hoping” that they are not harmed, because no person should ever, ever be harmed. If this senseless murdering “doesn’t strike you as anything special,” I hope that you wake up, smell a stronger cup of mocha, and write your Congressperson, or better yet, get out there and protest this atrocity.

  4. I still remember back when i was in college and there was the first beheading of an american guy…i think he was working there for some telecommunication line or something.  the shocker was that he was from the town which my college was located in and everyone was so saddened by it and we had this massive prayer meeting in the middle of the town…news nowadays are so depressing…my prayer goes out to his family because I can’t even grasp the pain that they are going through.

  5. i’m a little torn on this.thats because from my understanding, this bus full of koreans were in a dangerous area they should not have been. not to say it was their fault for getting caught, but i think they were being somewhat reckless and irresponsible. and then don’t get me started on the fact that they were a christian church group…

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