Nice Collection of Asian American Identity Video Clips

I found this one particularly enlightening.


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  1. there def needs to be more asians in the media… i’m surprised the white students couldn’t name at least one. wth? they don’t watch hollywood movies?

  2. if I became sad, then i’d use it more carefully to try to keep a balance. i wouldn’t want to end in the grave too early. but i think my own sense of sadness is required to feel for other peoples’ pains. if i only knew happiness, i’d be too insensitive to what sad ppl go through. so in a way i’d be feeding my compassion by using it. i don’t want to be sad but i can see myself being martyred for the greater good. if there’s a reason for everything then i was given something for a reason so i would use it…

  3. Seriously, these kids didn’t watch Charlie’s Angels? They don’t watch Lost? Grey’s Anatomy? Harold & Kumar? Does this mean I only pay attention because I am Asian American myself? Maybe?

  4. the white man keeps us all down. believe it. you should have spent today with me at my second call back interview. i want to beat them with iron rods til they can’t move. that’s right, the tea party lady is mad.
    but seriously, i can name even more asian actors than most white people, but there aren’t that many WELL KNOWN Asian American actors. I forgot you said AA, and started naming everybody, too. But I got Lucy Liu and Sandra Oh. I LOVE Sandra Oh. When she beat the hell out of that guy with her motorcycle helmet in Sideways, I thought “why didn’t i think of that when a guy who was married tricked me?”
    Change it! Make more movies! You should make a movie about Dahn Hak. I took their yoga for a year, but the only reason I’m not now is, I can’t afford it. But there’s a whole other secret thing going on with them. Some fantastic, some dark.
    OK, I don’t know if you wanted me back after I said you hate white people, but Here I am. I can’t help it. I love Koreans. My first Dahn Yoga master is one of the most wonderful people on earth, so he’s representing.

  5. The first thing I noticed was that most everyone there was somewhere in the teen-young adult age. What about the older people and the kids? Where do they stand?And I didn’t see much of other minority ethnic groups–what about Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans? Can they name some Asian American actors?

  6. i have never commented before, but i think childhoodless makes a really good point. sometimes i notice other minorities like black people and latinos can illustrate ignorance or disinterest about asian american media and asian/asian american culture just as aptly as white people do.i think the video clip is enlightening as much as it is misleading. it shows very aptly how asian americans are still regarded as foreigners within their own country. at the same time, though, i don’t think it’s all that surprising that so many people could not name asian american actors. there simply aren’t very many who seem to get much airtime in popular films or television shows, and that’s very apparent, i think. i guess i am commenting because i don’t think this video really has to do with how badly people don’t know asian american actors or whatnot as much as how your average joe/jane american and even asian americans themselves view asians in the context of americana. i’m sure i could go on, but i suppose the point is that the clips make people react and think. my main surprise came when i saw that people were surprised.

  7. I think people need to be aware of the distinction between Asians and Asian Americans. Asian Americans are either American born and/or were raised here for a significant amount of time. They either speak English fluently with no accent or little accent at all. Chow Yun Fat, Zhang Ziyi, Jet Li( I think) and Jackie Chan are Asian. Not sure about Bruce Lee and Ken Watanabe. Major Asian American actors/actresses that I can think of are: John Cho, Kal Penn, Sandra Oh, Lucy Liu, Lisa Ling possibly, Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim, Korean girl with surname Kim from LOST, and the Japanese guy from Heroes.

  8. I know what would have been really funny. they should have had Quentin Tarantino in there with those people, just sitting around and ask him. He starts rattling off all these names like gunfire and they cut to some other people, then cut back to him and he’s still rattling off names….

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