Spit In Your Hair

After reading this article from the Village Voice, now I just feel bad for poor old crazy Kenneth Eng. He is obviously mentally disturbed. I hope he gets the help he needs.

From The Village Voice:

We told you last week how Kenneth “Why I Hate Blacks” Eng was sentenced to counseling for attempting to assault his neighbors with a hammer, only to be picked up moments later on federal charges.

The feds say Eng, a 23-year-old from Queens, made threatening phone
calls to an NYU classmate. Eng “did transmit in interstate commerce a
communication containing a threat,” according to sworn affidavit from
an FBI agent who investigates hate crimes.

The criminal complaint contains references to the Voice’s reporting on Eng, spit attacks, and bigotry of all varieties.

is a self-proclaimed racist who hates whites and blacks, and believes
that Asians should rise up against them with violence,” the complaint
states for starters.

It then lays out the incidents at NYU that got Eng into this latest round of trouble:

“In the fall of 2003, Eng’s second year at NYU, he was
enrolled in an Advanced Production class. On or about September 12,
2003, during this class, Eng stated, in response to a presentation by a
female African-American student, that the students should tell the
“Negro” that the work was bad. The professor and several students in
the class, including John Doe, told Eng that his comments were
inappropriate. Shortly thereafter, Eng was expelled from the course. In
response to the expulsion, ENG sent an email to the professor, stating
in part and substance: ‘I was recently pondering whether I should
continue to think of jews [sic] as equals, but I think your actions
have made up my mind.'”

In the summer of 2004, Eng encountered the John Doe in an editing
room and spit in his hair. “Eng then moved closer and spit directly
into John Doe’s face two times. Eng called John Doe a ‘white pussy’ and
told John Doe, in substance that he recently published an essay
advocating militant violence against whites to protect Asian rights,”
the complaint states.

NYU security escorted the John Doe out of the building. A fews days later, the John Doe was again escorted out by security.

Eight months then passed, and the John Doe received a call from Eng
who repeatedly said words to the effect of “Remember me? I’m the guy
who spit on you.” Eng kept calling the John Doe, intimidating him to
the point that he did not show up at the university when the school
screened his own movie at an event called “First Run.”

Eng’s parents posted $500,000 bail. No word yet on when he is due back in court.


12 thoughts on “

  1. uhhhhh what the hell. Sad to say but slightly relieved that he’s not Korean… not that it would matter to anyone who’s not Asian, anyway… but yeah, this guy needs some serious help… reminds me of those Neo Nazis exept… Asian? hahaha

  2. Sadly I agree… The concept of an Asian Supremecist makes as much sense as a gay Klansmen, you have to say that it’s funny.
    After reading a little about him on wiki, it makes me think this may all be a publicity stunt to gain noteriety and sell books .  The guy is clearly of some intelligence to have been published in Philosophy Today and maybe all this attention will help him get published.  I’m actually curious enough to read some of his stuff just to see how he argues his point.
    I will definitely not show support for his views by paying for it in any way!

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