Inspire 07

I think I mentioned this before, but it’s coming up now and if you are in the Bay Area, you should definitely check out Inspire 07. It’s a think tank conference of Asian American leaders from all areas (including little old me). Part of the promotional lead up to the event is this series of youtube shows called “I Love The Asians.” Fun stuff.

  • Come out this Labor Day
    Weekend as we bring you
    INSPIRE ’07,
    the premier leadership
    conference featuring many of the
    who’s who in the Asian-American
    !  This is your chance to meet,
    network, and learn from many different APA leaders,
    innovators, and peers from different industries.
    Meet celebrities ~ Yul
    Kwon, James Kyson Lee, Justin Lin, Tamlyn Tomita;
    politicians/ government
    ~ Norman Mineta, Mike Honda;
    entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, non profit orgs
    women leaders, and more!
  • Aug
    31 – Sep 3, 2007
    at the
    Westin St. Francis in San

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