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Use Good Search! Why? Because instead of wasting your time on the internet searching for the Meg White Sex Tape on your usual search engine, you can help out good causes like The Korean Community Center of East Bay (which my cousin is a board member of) without any extra effort! Use the search engine just like google or yahoo and they will donate money directly to the cause of your choice (my choice is obvious).

From The KCCEB (Just for clarity, CJ Lee is not my cousin, but this was forwarded on to me from her):

Hi Everyone,

My name is CJ Lee and I am the Youth Program Coordinator for the Korean Community Center of the East Bay. The Youth Program, the Korea American Youth Alliance has been a vital resource for youth in the Korean community for over 10 years. However, due to some unfortunate cuts, our Youth Program is in need of your help! KCCEB has just been registered on!  All you have to do to support KCCEB is use .It is like Yahoo or Google, you search what you want. So instead of using yahoo or google the next time you need to do a search on the internet, use and every search earns KCCEB money. is a new search engine that donates ad revenue, about a penny per search, to the charity its users designate.  Use it just like any search engine, and it’s powered by Yahoo!, so you get the same great results.

Just go to and type in  KCCEB as the organization you want to support.

Goodshop on Goodsearch:

One more exciting thing: You can start donating directly to KCCEB with all of your online purchases at at participating stores like the Apple Store,, Nordstrom’s, Target, Gap, Wal-mart, many more.

Just designate KCCEB as the organization you want to support and start shopping for things you already wanted to get!!

GoodSearch is the search engine with a unique social mission of re-directing advertising revenue to the charity or school of the user’s choice. We’ve partnered with Yahoo! to provide competitive search results and promise to donate a minimum of 50% of advertising revenue to the nonprofits and schools selected by our users. Now you and your supporters can make a difference in the lives of many people, simply by changing the way you search the Internet! We have been very fortunate this past year to have been featured in the national press including Oprah Magazine, the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal and CNN.  While this helps to build an overall awareness for our site, your success will largely depend on your ability to spread the word to your supporters.

Here are the steps to help KCCEB and start using

  1. Download the GoodSearch Toolbar on all office, school and home computers –
  2. Make GoodSearch the homepage on all computers in your company or school.
  3. Tell the world – Spread the word about GoodSearch on blogs, message boards, myspace and facebook!
Please forward to as many people as you can because the more people who use to do their searches, the better our chances will be in saving the Youth Program!!! And Start Shopping!!

Thanks, CJ

About KCCEB:

The mission of KCCEB is to empower the Korean American and other communities of the Bay Area through education, advocacy, service and the development of community-based resources.

Throughout its 24-year history, KCCEB has achieved its mission by not only offering effective services and community-sensitive programming, but by also focusing on the creation of the vital building blocks for the future Korean American community.

KCCEB has taken a leading role in the Bay Area as the most innovative and effective community service and development organization in the Korean community.

At the same time, KCCEB has consistently upheld a more progressive and inclusive agenda for the empowerment within the Korean community.


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  1. hey mike,thanks a lot for supporting the organization. i’ve actually been part of that youth organization for 6 years now. It’s the youth program is the heart and soul of the community center. there is actually a Korean American art exhibit the youth at KCCEB are throwing. It’s to help support the youth program because of lack of funds the youth program might be cut from the community center. They are showcasing anything from film, photography, art, music etc that were done by Korean Americans. Let me know if you would like more information about this! It’s good to see you supporting the kids at kcceb. Thanks.

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