Left vs. Right

Which way is the girl spinning?

Go here to find out which side of the brain you are using.


11 thoughts on “

  1. thats fucking awesome, i’m a right brainer advertising creative, she’s spinning clockwise to the right, my accountant sees her spinning counterclockwise to the left and she is a left brainer.  this is cool.

  2. i saw this thing on goodmagazine’s blog and stared at it for so long… i see it clockwise and only clockwise. cant see how it can be going the other way.  but im a med student that studied bio in college.  who’s more left brain than that? 

  3. TOO cool!!! TOo  COol!!! i saw it going clockwise… i stared and stared at it- and it finally went the other way… i tried to look at it again to make it go the other way, but for the life of me, i cant make it happen again… too cool tho, it really does go both ways…

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