Safe And Refreshing!

In Japan, experimental fashion designer Aya Tsukioka has developed clothes to help make it safer for women to walk alone at night… as long as the muggers aren’t thirsty.


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  1. hey there!my name’s keith larson, american but im living in seoul nowi saw a review of west 32nd in the joongang newspaper (korea’s 2nd largest) and im extremely interested in your film!im an american-born half-korean, but i’ve been kinda locked into that gyopo lifestyle since i was born, not new yorks korean culture but philly’s.either way i wanted to know how i could possibly see the film? i graduated from college this past summer but my korean club at that school is really interested in possibly screening your film someday. any chance of us getting our hands on a copy?could you email me at:keith@prodikl.comi havent used my xanga in ages, just logged on to drop you a linethanks!-Keith Larson

  2. Not exactly the greatest strategy to disguise yourself as a vending machine smack-dab in the middle of the street. 
    Plus I wonder how long it takes to put up said disguise.  If you’re being followed by a potential mugger and turn a corner, can you transform a la Optimus Prime into a Coke machine before the mugger catches up?  Or will you be caught mid-changing?  And then be mugged and twice as humiliated for wearing half a Coke machine costume?

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