Give Me Liberty Or Give Me YouTube

Check out a new project from Eric Byler and Annabel Park. An interactive documentary dealing with immigration.

Statement from Eric Byler and Annabel Park:

“9500 Liberty” is an experimental documentary about how (and why) the immigration issue is being used to create a climate of racial hostility in Northern Virginia — a region that until recently had been known as an increasingly diverse and inclusive society.

Virginia’s state election on November 6, 2007 has been positioned as a “referendum on immigration,” and may well be a sneak preview of a key political strategy for winning the White House in 2008.

As an introduction, please view this clip which includes disturbing footage of a racist tirade directed at Hispanic children in Manassas, Virginia:

Help us create a constructive forum on immigration by posting comments on our virtual town hall.  And please forward these links to friends who may share our concern for the state of our democracy.

– Eric Byler and Annabel Park

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