What We Weren’t Talking About in 2007

I started using StumbleUpon! It’s a cool time-waster (as if I needed more). But I found this site with a nice year-end list:

  1. Future of Internet Debate Ignored by Media
  2. Halliburton Charged with Selling Nuclear Technologies
    to Iran
  3. Oceans of the World in Extreme Danger
  4. Hunger and Homelessness Increasing in the US
  5. High-Tech Genocide in Congo
  6. Federal Whistleblower Protection in Jeopardy
  7. US Operatives Torture Detainees to Death in
    Afghanistan and Iraq
  8. Pentagon Exempt from Freedom of
    Information Act
  9. The World Bank Funds Israel-Palestine
  10. Expanded Air War in Iraq Kills
    More Civilians
  11. Dangers of Genetically Modified
    Food Confirmed
  12. Pentagon Plans to Build New Landmines
  13. New Evidence Establishes Dangers
    of Roundup
  14. Homeland Security Contracts KBR
    to Build Detention Centers in the US
  15. Chemical Industry is EPA’s
    Primary Research Partner
  16. Ecuador and Mexico Defy US on
    International Criminal Court
  17. Iraq Invasion Promotes OPEC Agenda
  18. Physicist Challenges Official
    9-11 Story
  19. Destruction of Rainforests Worst
  20. Bottled Water: A Global Environmental
  21. Gold Mining Threatens Ancient
    Andean Glaciers
  22. $Billions in Homeland Security Spending Undisclosed
  23. US Oil Targets Kyoto in Europe
  24. Cheney’s Halliburton Stock
    Rose Over 3000 Percent Last Year
  25. US Military in Paraguay Threatens

2 thoughts on “

  1. Thanks for posting this.  Very interesting.  I’m taking the reports with a grain of salt, however, because the one issue I’m familiar with, GM foods, was presented in a very superficial and overdramatized way.  What kind of modifications were used? (for example)  And were the animals fed in a way that represents what would happen if people or livestock were eating the product in real life? (ie. were the rats fed nothing but GM corn?  would cows/pigs eat only corn?  People certainly eat other non-GM produce/meat not fed GM food in balance)Despite this, I thought the updates from the original authors of the works cited was informative and believable, and totally creepy.  Like most Americans, I’m in denial of what goes on behind closed doors and how much power is held by so few people (not necessarily elected people either).  If only, in a perfect world, people would stop spending so much time reading gossip blogs and spend more time talking about what needs to be changed.  The complacent lack of awareness in the general public is totally scary.

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