Confront Shatter Suppression

This link will probably disappear soon, so watch it now. The “Indoctrination” video of Tom Cruise speaking about Scientology.


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  1. A few thoughts on the video:
    1)  It looks like a “lifetime achievement/guest of honor award” video for some big time Scientology banquet/show.  It was awfully long and monotonous after the first 2 minutes of just Tom Cruise yammering on and on with the same “it’s about helping” schpiel.  They couldn’t punch it up with different music, Powerpoint slides, or even a different angle on Cruise’s face?
    2)  So many terms and acronyms that the general public wouldn’t know (what the hell is KSW–Korean Hallyu star Kwon Sang-woo?  Is he a Scientologist too?)  It seems geared towards those already in the club.  I realize that the video wasn’t a promo for “Scientology’s greatest hits” or anything, but it did feel like Cruise was trying to sell Scientology to an audience.
    3)  Scientology, from this video, sounds a lot like those self-help books, like “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” and every other “success story” cliche known to man.  This hardly sounds like religion, more like a seminar from Tony Robbins.
    4)  Scientology (or just Tom Cruise) runs a lot like religion in the “my way or the highway” paradigm.  I’ve always disliked that about religion in general.  Such a divisive mentality of “you’re with me or against me” is so very irritating in real life.  It makes you sound like an arrogant prick when you say that, Mr. Cruise. 
    5)  That Mission Impossible music running in the background over and over was really annoying.

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