Asian On Asian Love

Can this be true? I got this from Angry Asian Man. Is this truly the first time two Asian Americans have kissed on national television? I know Sun and Jin on Lost have kissed but they are Asian. I too have been trying to wrack my brain for another example.


What in the world… can this really be? Lucy Liu’s character on Cashmere Mafia, Mia, romantically involved with an Asian man? A real, flesh-and-blood Asian American man? That’s Lucy Liu and Jack Yang as Jason Chun, who appeared on Wednesday night’s episode.

you get all excited, here’s a little story background. Their parents on
the show apparently set them up on a blind date. Jason says he’s not
really into Chinese girls, and Mia admits she’s only dated two Chinese
guys before—back in junior high. But Mia decides to use him to make her
ex (white guy) jealous. Somehow, the two end up actually digging each
other. And kiss.

Kiss! Can this be television history before our
eyes? Several people have written in claiming that is the first time
two Asian American characters have been shown kissing on prime time
network television. Can this be right? I’ve been wracking my brain for
the last half hour and haven’t been able to come up with anything. If
anyone can think of a reasonable example that proves otherwise, let me
know. I’m curious. Anyway, Jack Yang is slated to appear for another
two episodes… which probably means the relationship won’t last very


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  1. That can’t be true, can it? I’m going to assume that it has happened on daytime because everything seems to happen first on daytime (seriously – there was a transgender character a year or so ago on one). You know, now that I think about it, all the Asian American characters I can think of have been paired with non Asian American characters so…

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