I Left My Heart In San Francisco

And if you are in the Bay Area this weekend, come check me out speaking at this Stanford sponsored conference.

Listen to the Silence 2008
12th Annual Asian American Issues Conference

The day begins with an introduction from our prestigious keynote speaker, then continues with various workshops
hosted by student organizations and other professionals. During lunch
there will be an opportunity to network with the speakers attending the
conference as well as a research forum on various Asian American
Issues. After dinner, the conference concludes with a concert in which various Asian American artists will perform. All meals are provided and housing is available for those who request it! Everything is FREE!

Want to help out with LTS, but don’t have a lot of time? That’s fine! Sign up to be a volunteer! Contact Sherry: sherryho@stanford.edu, or Stephanie: sqcai@stanford.edu

Please help spread the word about LTS by forwarding this information
out to any organizations or individuals that may be interested, and
encouraging your friends to take part! Your help is much appreciated
and is critical to the outreach of the conference.

To learn how you can get involved, contact the LTS committee chairs.


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