Job Opportunity

My friend Jane sent me this. If you want to get into the film industry, this could be a good start.

From Jane:


Vacancy:     Marketing and Publicity Manager
Employer:     Glass Half Full Pictures
Location:     New York City
Duration:     Through Film Festival run, starts Immediately

Payment is on a lo/no/deferred basis.
Glass Half Full Pictures is seeking a dynamic, driven, forward-thinking individual with knowledge and/or passionate interest in film marketing and publicity to commit their time, energy and expertise to help launch and sustain a short narrative with an award winning script in national and international film festival circuits.

Interested individuals must be able to multi-task, pitch and network and communicate with ease and flexibility. Excellent writing skills are a must (will prepare press releases, press packets and stills).

Relatable experience or training in the following areas preferred: Marketing, PR, Business, Advertising, Media Planning agencies, Communications, Journalism, Public Speaking, Writing, Journalism, Film History, Film Production.

Apply to: Jane Valentine


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