Wanted: Overseas Korean Filmmakers

KOFIC(Korean Film Council) continues 3rd Filmmakers Development Lab.
February 19, 2008 (Los Angeles)- In a major initiative to nurture and encourage emerging Overseas Korean filmmakers to bring their stores to the screen, the Korean Film Council(KOFIC) announced today KOFIC Filmmakers Development Lab 2008.
The Lab will be held for a week in Jeju Island, Korea during mid-June 2008. Following in September and October, the Lab Fellows will attend the IFP in New York and PPP(Pusan Promotion Plan) in Pusan International Film Festival in Korea to meet with relevant film industry representatives and organizations whom could potentially produce their projects.
The FDL aims to match emerging filmmakers from Korea and the Korean disapora, with mentors drawn from the film industries in Korea and the United States. The aim of the program is to enable these filmmakers to make their fiction feature projects through script development, knowledgeable advice from an industry professional, and exposure to the international film community.
Five filmmaking Fellows will be chosen from open submission and matched with five professionals who act as their Mentors.
The program consists of a one week Lab where Mentors work one-on-one with Fellows in not only brining their scripts up to a marketable state, but also participate in discussion about topics relevant to filmmaking and film business. Thereafter, the Mentors’ scripts will be included in the Emerging Narrative program of the Independent Film Project / New York in September and also in the Co-Production Market of the Pusan International Film Festival / Asian Film Market, Korea in October. This participation will allow KOFIC sponsor fellows an opportunity to meet film industry representatives and allow themselves to introduce their projects to the film community.
The Korean Film Council is based in Seoul, Korea with a satellite office in Los Angeles. Its mission is to raise the standard of Korean films, and to promote the Korean film industry at home and abroad. KOFIC provides and supports programs to develop creative filmmakers, improve the production of low-budget films, raise the profile of Korean cinema, and create a network between filmmakers in the Korean, overseas Korean and international communities.
Information on the KOFIC Filmmakers Development Lab, and directors for application is available online at http://fdl.kofic.or.kr
The Deadline for submissions is  March 19th, 2008.


2 thoughts on “

  1. i’m applying.  i hope that i’m involved in an elaborate rigged scheme that secures my first place position in this pretty little contest, only to have true talent outshine and trump the complicated system that i bought out with my riches, connections, and corruption.  good shall prevail again!

  2. eddie has no chance. unless he sleeps with one of the admission officials, which im pretty sure he’d be down for. i think i will apply, though i was forced to join the civilians in terms of day job. we will have to catch up soon and not just so i can return ur dvds.

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