Your Vote Matters

Just got this from my friend Kim Ima who opened up a mobile treat truck in New York called appropriately Treats Truck. Baked goods and gasoline… mmm mmm!  If you live in New York, check it out and tell her I sent you.

Also, she’s up for Time Out NY’s reader survey, so vote for her in the best mobile food category.

From Kim:

hi friends!

A big hello to you all. As most of you know, I have started a business called The Treats Truck. My mobile bakery has been up and running now for 9 months ! You can check out the website at  I have a favor/question for you all. First of all, I would love for you to come by the truck for some treats. I give lots of samples and love kibbitzing with friends and customers. Having a food truck in nyc is a wild, wonderful, crazy adventure, and the customers are the best part of it for me. Now the news. The Treats Truck has been nominated for a 2008 Readers’ Choice Eat Out Award from Time Out New York for “best mobile food.”  I am very excited that we are in the running. I love TimeOut, and they were the first to do a story on the truck when it first launched. Now for the favor/question – Want to vote for the Treats Truck and tell friends and family to vote, too? You can vote at
through March 9th.

Thanks and hope to see all of you soon (I’m easy to find, just look for the truck!).

best and thanks and future baked goods,


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