Political Buzzkill

Those of you that are longtime readers of this blog (if you actually still exist) may have noticed how sparse my entries have been of late and particularly in the area of politics. I blame it on a few factors — my career actually moving forward… and facebook.

For a while now, I’ve wanted to weigh in about the state of politics in this country. Those that saw my posts through the ’04 election and at other times when critical political issues came up are probably aware of how important politics can be to me.

The problem though is that I think I may come off as just too cynical and negative if I talked about how I really felt.

Here it is: I’m scared.

There is a lot of momentum building up for Barack Obama and given the two front-runners I definitely have to go with him. But I am just really really worried. I am worried that the Democrats are building up a fantasy world where middle-America (and parts of not so middle-America) can see past color lines (and gender lines). After the ’00 and ’04 elections, I have little faith in the citizens of this country. The political system has let me down the past two elections and there is no reason to think that the change that Obama speaks of has actually come to pass.

Now with Bush on his way out who is to say that those right-wing monsters won’t come around and back McCain in full force? I hear the talk of the Republicans being splintered at the base, but I think they have a much better way of rallying for a cause than the left does (even though the Obama campaign is inspiring). What worries me is that a huge factor that both the fiscal conservatives and social conservatives can probably agree on is that they don’t want a black guy or a woman in the highest position in this country.

If we can remember back to the Clinton presidency, there was a lot of hope for change then too. But when he got in office, that right wing army used every last resource to tear him apart. Most people still remember Clinton as being a womanizer who had a penchant for cigars. Is it realistic to think that the conservatives won’t do the same to the next Clinton or Obama? Is it realistic to think that just because Obama is really good at the rhetoric of reaching across the aisle, that the hand on the other side isn’t just going to smack it away? Does anyone remember swift boats?

I fear what may come. I support Barack Obama but I worry every day.

I have been hesitant to put this post up publicly because I know I come off as a huge buzzkill. But today I got this link to a video showing how Fox is already rallying their troops and I felt compelled to share. Let’s hope I am wrong about this country. And let’s hope this country is truly ready for change.


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  1. That’s been my fear ever since the Democratic field narrowed to two.  I’m really concerned that all those people that say in polls that they don’t think America is yet ready for a black or woman POTUS?  Mean they are not ready.  And that sucks major ass.  And while Democrats are willing to vote for a black or woman POTUS, does that mean Republicans are willing to do the same?  When said candidate is in the other party?  I really, really hope and pray that everyone who registered to vote in this election actually turns up to vote in November.

  2. The thing about “change” is that it sounds good, but does anyone know what that actually means?  More importantly, can we realistically expect that Obama can actually bring about “change” in DC?  What he says sounds great and it’s refreshing to hear, but I have my doubts as to how much he can get done.  I’m concerned that McCain has a head start while the 2 Democrats fight it out.

  3. It’s unfortunate that candidates are judged based on their race, gender and religion, when the emphasis in politics ought to be on his/her stance on how to improve conditions in this country. When did finding the right candidate who LOOKS right for the job supercede who actually IS right for the job?

  4. yeah, we should see put the candidate’s views and visions first instead of claiming so and so’s better or we should vote for so and so because he/she is black/white/Asian/a woman/a man, etc. 

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