Casting Notice NY

From my friend who is shooting a short film in New York:


GENRE: Dark Comedy Short Film


Shoot/Start Date: Late April/Early May

Location: New York City Area


GENE is back in his old hometown to propose to his girlfriend GRACE and
runs into old friend JACK who convinces him that he needs the perfect
ring for the proposal. Jack introduces Gene to JEZEBEL who shows them
the most spectacular rock, a.k.a, the “One.” The “One” goes missing and
JEZEBEL will have her payback one way or another before time runs out.

SEEKING ACTORS strong in comedy AND drama:

Asian American male, 25-35, is a high-flying Wall Street-type who
thinks it’s about time he got married. While he appears to be
self-assured, he seems motivated more by practicality than emotion when
it comes to affairs of the heart.

Asian American male, 25-40, is a former high-flying New York Wall
Street type who has undergone a mysterious transformation and is now a
florist in his old small suburban hometown.

female (Caucasian or Asian American but Asian American is a plus),
21-35, is a former model/actress/cabaret singer who has fallen from
grace and is now living at home in her parent’s basement, selling
jewelry and working part-time as a dominatrix.

GRACE, Asian American female 25-35. She is the good girl, the perfect girl, and, ostensibly, the “One” for Gene.

Production Info:

Producer/Director: John C. Kim

Director of Photography: Eric Lin

Writer: Gene Kim

Special Notes:

Submissions from both SAG and NON-SAG are fine. Will file SAG Short
Film Agreement and prepare for all needed paperwork. Copy and credit. A
daily stipend may be considered as well. Additional shooting locations
outside of New York are being considered. If travel is required, travel
and lodging will be covered.



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