(This was originally posted on February 18, 2003 and last updated on June 17, 2008)

The Secret Army of Michael Kang

This guy
always shows up first when I do one of my vanity Google searches. I
pretend it’s like a video game and see which one of us gets more
results. He always wins (by a landslide). He must be a pretty good
mandolin player…

But what he doesn’t know is that there are
more of us out there that he needs to contend with. Here are some of my
fellow Michael Kang’s:

  • Michael Kang – Wild wild businessman. Update: Can also be found here at AxSomebody’s Xanga Site. He also is listed here as Michael Kang and Michael Kang
  • Michael Kang – Curer of the common hernia.
  • Michael Kang – Internet Fantasy Football League player.
  • Michael Kang – Co-Author of “Rev Up Your Spread Sheet.”
  • Michael Kang – Chef who Kitty Morgan of The Orange County Register proclaimed created “the most innovative [food] in the country.”
  • Michael Kang – Bronx Science Alumni 1989.
  • Michael Kang – Bronx Science Alumni 1994.
  • Michael Kang – Real Estate Broker.
  • Michael Kang – Sushi Chef.
  • Michael Kang – Looking for a Valentine in a bar.
  • Michael Kang The guy you go to if you want to reserve a classroom space at Northwestern University during the summer.
  • Michael Kang – Race car driver in Westchester Sports Car Club’s 1998 Turkey Tour.
  • Michael Kang – Fellow Xanga addict.
  • Michael Kang – DVD reviewer (member of The Online Film Critics Society).
  • Michael Kang – Philanthropist donor to The Shi Ming Hu Memorial Scholarship (also, Dr. Hu’s Grandson).

  • Michael Kang – The 2000 US National 3-Cushion Championships Semi-Finalist and co-owner of The Carom Cafe Billiard Hall in Flushing.
  • Michael Kang
    – UCLA Chemistry and Biochemistry Department student who asked
    Professor Knobler, “Could you please release the answers to the
    problems on the hand out that were not assigned for those of us who
    would like to practice more problems.”
  • Michael Kang – 1998 PhD candidate who received a 5 on his AP Biology Exam.
  • Michael KangDishonorable Discharge Fictional character in Daniel Yoon’s movie “Post Concussion.” Update: The character’s name is Matthew Kang. Boo! Hiss!
  • Michael Kang
    – Salesman who attended the 1996 Bottom Line Undewriter’s Workshop.
    Quoted as saying, “The knowledge of new ways to close deals and to
    bypass objections helped me a great deal.”
  • Michael Kang – Airhart Scholarship recipient at the McCombs School of Business.
  • Michael Kang – Golfer in IJGT Harbour Town Junior Classic, (Boys Division 16-19). He shot a 166.
  • Michael Kang – 2001 Former Geography Major at the University of Illinois Champagne Urbana.
  • Michael Kang – Catholic priest from Chicago now residing in In Chon.
  • Michael Kang – Technical Certification Department Chair at California Water Environment Association.
  • Michael Kang – Church-goer. Update: Can also be found here at Shampagan’s Xanga Site.
  • Michael Kang – Recording engineer at Spaceboy Studios in Seoul Korea.
  • Michael Kang
    – 1996 Recipient of The Harry Sutch Memorial Scholarship from the
    American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning
    Engineers, Inc.
  • Michael Kang – Chief Manager for SOFTBANK Korea Investments.
  • Michael Kang – President of the Korean American Manufacturers Association.
  • Michael Kang
    – Manager, Sales for Hankuk Machinery Co.,Ltd,is one of the leading
    manufacturers in the fabrications and components for Heavy Equipments,
    Shipbuildings and Commercial Vehicles in Korea.
  • Michael Kang – “Little Drum Dance” dancing drummer.
  • MIchael Kang – programmer for Seti@home, a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).
  • Michael Kang
    – A freshman with an undecided major who avoids fries. Quoted as
    saying, “French fries are french fries, I stay away from them because
    of all the grease, the fat and all the salt. It’s just poison.”
  • Michael Kang – EECS Honors Degree Program student.
  • Michael Kang
    – Asian Baptist Student Koionia at UC Berkeley student who said,
    “Through Course 101 I learned about the foundations of Christianity and
    about God’s personal love for me.  This course is for those who
    know nothing about Christianity as well as those who grew up in the
    church.  It’s great!”
  • Michael Kang – Staff attorney for Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center, Inc.
  • Michael Kang – Advanced ski instructor at Smoky Top Ski Resort & Lodge.
  • Michael Kang – Metal & Certified Alloy Buyer for Gog Korea.
  • Michael Kang – Event working committee deputy chairman for SMI Association of Malaysia.

The new recruits (06/04):

  • Michael Kang
    – Director at Alvarez & Marsal, specializes in advising boards of
    directors, management teams, investment groups, and creditors in a
    broad range of turnaround, restructuring and reorganization situations.
  • Michael Kang – Senior Engineer, Ventura County Chapter of The American Public Works Association.
  • Michael Kang
    – CEO of SmartChili, the operating name for Digital Commerce
    International, Inc., a global provider of e-commerce infrastructure
    services for small businesses.
  • Michael Kang – Overseas Sales Manager for The Samhyup Trading Company.Offering
    Men’s (Unisex Adult) 100% Tactel (DuPont) nylon trilobal washer, full
    mesh-lined, both sides full-length zipper open inside fold flap
    accordian, woven casual pants.
  • Michael Kang – Gala Prize co-recipient (Rotman School of Management at the University Team) for The 4th Annual Ivey Business Plan Competition.
  • Michael Kang
    – an eighth-grader and a regular at the Olympia Washington Boys and
    Girls Club who tests his design skills in computer-animation class and
    said “I like being able to create something from nothing.”
  • Michael Kang – Palo Alto Adult Soccer League, Spring 2004, B Division team player.
  • Michael Kang – 2004 Sunnyvale Tennis Club member.
  • Michael KangNew Jersey Institute of Technology student.
  • Michael Kang
    – Qualified as AP Scholar with Distinction Award by earning an average
    grade of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and grades of 3 or higher
    on five or more of these exams at the Singapore American High School
  • Michael Kang – Asian consultant to The Ben Lippen School whose purpose is to assist families and churches in the Christian education of their children.
  • Michael Kang – Team Red member of The Technological Innovation: Generating Economic Results (TI:GER)
    program which is a one-of-a-kind approach to preparing students for the
    challenges of commercializing new technologies and delivering
    innovative products to the market place.
  • Michael Kang – Member of the Board of Directors for Share Our Selves (SOS),
    an organizatioon that provides free emergency assistance to those in
    need of basic living essentials, including food, clothes, health
    services, and financial aid in Costa Mesa, CA.
  • Michael Kang – Developer at SourceForge.net
  • Michael Kang – Yet another Xangan at Mkang.
  • Michael Kang Co-design adn layout artist for “Above Cloud 9” CD by Bill Johnson.
  • Michael Kang – a confused Californian who waits for the bus with his wife, their toddler, a stroller, golf clubs and bright luggage.
  • Michael Kang – Demarest, NJ high school football player for 2003 State finalists the Demarest Norsemen.
  • Michael Kang
    – 29-year-old male from La Mirada, CA who placed 66th in the December
    7, 2003 Arden Energy Challenge Men’s 10K Race with a time of 54:17.
  • Michael Kang
    Architect from the SmithGroup who led a tour of what the George
    Washington University promises as the most technologically advanced
    hospital in DC.
  • Michael Kang – Groom to LaRaine Tanita on May 19, 2001 where a lion danced.
  • Michael Kang – PhD Student at Applied Engineering Research Centre of the Kingston University London
    whose dissertation project is the “Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent
    Diffusion Flames.” This project is directed towards the improvement of
    subgrid scale (SGS) modelling in LES calculations of turbulent
    diffusion flames. It involves the implementation of a previously
    developed SGS combustion model based on the laminar flamelet concept
    and the coupling of this with Germano?s dynamic procedure for SGS
    turbulence and a finite volume based method for radiation. On the
    application side, the focus is on the structure and dynamics of
    turbulent diffusion flames. Comparison will be made with published
    experimental data on a range of mean and dynamic properties of
    turbulent diffusion flames involving puffing frequency, air entrainment
    rates, rms temperature and velocity fluctuations as well as the mean
    velocity and temperature fields.
  • Michael Kang – Admirer of the country Turkey
    who said, “I have a lady friend in istanbul and am learning a lot about
    your country. I alway admired your country because you sent the first
    UN army to s. Korea during the Korean war. I really appreciated that
    sacrifice. I hope our two nation be forever friend.”
  • Michael Kang – Cambridge & District Table Tennis League 2003-2004 player.
  • Michael Kang
    – Alumnus of Washington University in St. Louis, Graduate Business
    School 1981, who was appointed president/general manager of
    Eastman-Kodak, Korea, in March 2000.
  • Michael Kang – Finished first two courses of sailing at US Sailing – Online Sailing Course and Lessons. Is also looking forward learning next “Bareboat” course.
  • Michael Kang – Christmas reveller.
  • Michael Kang – President of Telegraph International, the answer for all your needs of OEM Casual Apparel production.
  • Michael Kang
    – Committee member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Canada who
    helped make the new Communications and Marketing program happen.
  • Michael Kang – Contact person for Union Chemical Ind. Co. Ltd in Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Michael Kang
    – Senior 2003 of Bronx High School of Science who swims on the Varsity
    Swim Team. (He also runs Cross Country and Outdoor Track).
  • Michael Kang – 14-year-old hockey player who utilizes Doug Antoine’s system for High Performance Efficiency Skating.
  • Michael Kang
    – an 18-year-old minority student and Web developer attending UC
    Berkley who as a partner at the Newport Beach Internet Startup launched
    the world’s first live online technical support site, staffed by
    consultants working at home.
  • Michael Kang Contact person for Hanwha L&C Co., PVC Compound manufacturers.
  • Michael Kang – Explore Engineering Summer Science Camp Intern from UC Riverside in 2003 with an estimated date of graduation in 2007.
  • Michael Kang – Business Development Manager who oversees both the internal and external sales at Assemblix. He worked in the Marketing and Investment consultants fields and is currently doing a degree in Banking and Finance.
  • Michael Kang – A guy who single-handedly created a well of knowledge of Game Shark Codes.
  • Michael Kang
    – Owner of the Heritage Restaurant, a family establishment on the
    southern edge of Wichita, Kansas where you can get a hot meal and play
    a game of Club Keno. And if you win, they’ll pay you in cash on the
  • Michael Kang – Another Xanga user! I think that’s five of us now — we need to get a life.

A Few More Random Finds (06/08)

  • Michael Kang
    – Salesman / attendee of My Success Company workshop that said “The
    knowledge of new ways to close deals and to bypass objections helped me
    a great deal.”
  • Michael Kang
    – Doctor who practices Orthopedic Surgery in Jamaica, New York,
    Rockville Centre, South Richmond Hill, and Valley Stream, New York. Dr.
    Michael Kang graduated from the Temple University with an MD and he
    graduated 8 years ago.
  • Michael Kang – President, Commercial Banking Division of Pacific Commerce Bank
  • Michael Kang
    – Flickr user who said “There’s something about the spaces that are
    created in-between things that are so interesting to me. Some spaces
    are small and some are huge. The area spaces that are created between
    fingers, spaces between the bottom of your foot and the floor and
    changing space that’s created when two friends sit at a table to talk.
    There are sexy spaces like the one that is created between the bottom
    of a shirt and somebody’s navel, and funny ones created between some
    people’s ears. I love spaces.”
  • Michael Kang
    – Appointed President, Director and CEO of NetCare on an interim basis,
    without salary.
    Reflecting on his appointment, Mr. Kang added: “The recent decline in
    our company’s share price has been a powerful wakeup call. Investors
    felt that decisive action was necessary to preserve and protect their
    interests. The Company has been faced with several challenges that now
    require some very significant changes. I will slash operational
    expenses to allow the Company to achieve profitability in the near
    future, while rebuilding sales. The Company will also seek additional
    funding to stabilize the Company while the new measures are achieving
    the desired effect.”
  • Michael Kang – Crazy ass sushi eater. (see youtube video)
  • Michael Kang
    – Unisys employee who posted on National Instruments discussion boards
    “Our company need to build test equipment for testing some RF
    equipment. We have to make a quick decision as whether to use
    LabView or LabWindows.”
  • Michael Kang
    – Friend of Sullung000 who taught Michael and another friend how to
    snowboard. According to Sullung000, “After just 2 days of boarding they
    were carving up the mountain like pros.”
  • Michael Kang – fourth-year mechanical engineering student and EWB representative who said

    “Canadians are consuming much more than their rightful allotment.”

  • Michael Kang
    – the executive director of the Korean Produce Association who said
    Mrs. Fetissainte spat at the cashier and began messing up register
  • Michael Kang – 2007-2008 USRowing Honorable Mention Scholastic Honor Roll Recipients
  • Michael Kang – St. Andrew’s School graduate.
  • Michael Kang
    – vice president of The Korea Times in Oakland who said “There has
    already been a backlash against Korean Americans over the protests.”
  • Michael Kang Photoblogger.
  • Michael Kang
    – owner of a garment manufacturing business and former president of the
    Korean American Manufacturers Association who said “Koreans don’t feel
    culturally that they have a right to [tell each other what to do]. A
    lot of times [manufacturers] will know the contractors outside of the
    business, maybe through church, or they will have a cousin who knows
    them. There’s no separation of business and personal relationships in
    the Korean community.”
  • Michael Kang – Senior Medical Planner at Shuguang Hospital at Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medical University SHANGHAI, CHINA
  • Michael Kang
    – Business Supervisorand contact for Shenzhen Xinhaiyuan I/E Co. Ltd.,
    which specializes in Chinese tea (both green tea and black tea),
    walnuts, grandnuts.
  • Michael Kang – New Broker for GOTMORTGAGE.com
  • Michael Kang
    – Korean-based H&B Corp. developer who plans to put up a new
    corporation for export production of coco peats—a fine dust from
    coconut husks—currently enjoying brisk demand in Korea. The Korean
    company wanted to put up three processing plants in Davao and
    surrounding areas, with combined capacity of 100 metric tons per month,
    says Pasawa.
    “They were here scouting for raw materials and when they saw the raw
    materials readily available, they are ready to form a new company.”
  • Michael Kang chairman of the Ponggol Runners.


  • Michael KangPrinicipal of the International English School.
  • Michael Kang Healthcare Products Company President and CEO. The requested URL /pages was not found on this server.
  • Michael KangGarment King of China and Ethiopia. Update: “The requested URL /markets/bb_profile.php was not found on this server.”
  • Michael KangVentura County Science Fair 1998 Special Award Winner (Computer Excellence Award for “Machine Versus Unabridged Print”) The requested URL /~vcsf/specialawards98.htm was not found on this server.
  • Michael KangThird year resident at New Jersey Medical School Department of Orthopaedics University Hospital. We are sorry! It seems that file is no longer at this location.
  • Michael Kang2001 Arygle Secondary School Graduate.The requested URL /argyle/gradlist.htm was not found on this server.
  • Michael KangSite manager for “icb2b.net,” The Biggest Database for Electronic Components. The requested URL /english/noticeview.asp was not found on this server.
  • Michael KangThough
    documented as company president, he supposedly was just a conduit to
    connect Roberto Lipavsky in Venezuela with Christopher Zacharais and
    others at Starnet offices in Vancouver for some shady gambling business
    venture called Strawberry Fields.
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  • Michael KangPro Audio Distributor in Seoul Korea.
  • Michael KangFormer Varsity cheerleader for Centennial High School in Boise, Idaho.
  • Michael KangFormer Enron Employee.
  • Michael KangManaging
    director of Kast Technology who said, “With fix2000 now available to
    our corporate customers and dealer network, Kast Technology can now
    provide more than a comprehensive fix to the year 2000 problems on
    desktop computers. fix2000 offers our customers enterprise-wide
    solutions to the year 2000 problem on their corporate PC computer
    The requested URL /news/pr010599.shtml was not found on this server.

So I guess it was true when my guidance counselor said I could become anything I wanted to. I actually already have.

PS How O.C.D. do you have to be to put together a list like this?


Black Like Me

According to BBC news: “The High Court in South Africa has ruled that Chinese South Africans are to be reclassified as black people.” And it’s a good thing.


I Want My MTV

Another opportunity:

MTV NETWORKS is looking for fresh, edgy, globally-savvy production talents who are well-connected and have extensive knowledge of alternative, underground culture.

We are launching a new global media brand. Targeting hip, progressive people from around the world (aged 18 – 29) who consider themselves English-speaking ethnic, diasporic or bi-cultural, the brand will be found on TV and the Internet.  The content will be music-focused, and also include political & social issues, entertainment, fashion, art & design, environment, sports. and any other issues relevant to our target audience.

HENCE, we are looking for freelance producer-editors, photographers, on-air talents, writers and bloggers in these regions:

*    United States
*    Australia
*    Canada
*    Hong Kong
*    India
*    Japan
*    Korea
*    Singapore
*    United Kingdom
Candidates must be technologically-savvy, globally-aware, interested in Global Asian music & youth culture, Pan-Asian sensitive.

Producer-Editor: Must be able to research; conceive relevant story ideas, write, shoot & edit.  Submit your resume & show reel or sample clips.

Photographer: Photographers with a global point of view to create edgy photo essays and images. Submit your resume & portfolio.

Writer: Contributors who will write compelling pieces on the above-mentioned subjects. Both short and substantial articles needed. Submit your resume & writing samples.

Blogger: Records on an on-going basis on above-mentioned subjects. Submit your resume & writing samples.

On-Air Talent: No extensive experience is required. Submit your headshot & show reel or sample clips.


Creative Promise

Just got wind of this. I thought I’d pass it along for anyone who might be a foreign born artist or scientist. You can download an application at http://www.vilcek.org.

From the Vilcek site:

The Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise recognizes talented foreign-born artists and scientists who have demonstrated significant creativity and originality in the early stages of their careers.  Two $25,000 prizes, one in the field of biomedical research and one in a category of the arts or humanities selected by the Foundation, are awarded each year.
The cash award and a certificate of recognition created by designer Stefan Sagmeister will be presented to each winner of the Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise during the Foundation’s annual awards dinner in New York City.
The Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise was established to provide continued encouragement and support towards the artistic and scientific pursuits of young immigrants who often face significant challenges in their early careers, and to increase awareness of the emerging talent of foreign-born scholars and artists in the United States.
Application Deadline for the 2009 Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise is July 11, 2008. Please email creativepromise@vilcek.org for additional information.

All Mixed Up

Check out this web-radio station BPR. It’s pretty cool (and I’m not just saying that because they asked me to make a playlist). It’s a Boston-based radio station that is aimed at promoting Asian American aritsts.

From BPR:

Mission Statement

The goal of Boston Progress Radio is to:

  • Create a space for the expression of Asian American voices and experiences.
  • Build community between Asian American artists and the people who appreciate their work.
  • Provide an Internet stream dedicated to featuring the music of Asian American artists.

Boston Progress Radio is an online radio station and blog maintained by members of the Boston Progress Arts Collective. BPR is a place for members to share individual perspectives about issues relevant to the AA community.

Who is Boston Progress Radio?

Boston Progress Radio is affiliated with the Boston Progress Arts Collective.
BPR is run by a small number of volunteers in the Boston, MA area. Our
volunteers have a wide range of interests and skills that are relevant
to running an Internet radio stream and website. We have people who
manage and maintain the website, post news and articles, design
graphics, and of course, create/write/listen to music. However, we are
always looking for more volunteers. If you are interested in being a
part of Boston Progress Radio, contact us at info@bprlive.org.

You can find us on myspace: BPR Live! @ Myspace and Facebook.

Mikado You-kado

Just got this in the email box from my friend Chil Kong who is directing a feature right now and needs extras for a scene. If you live in the LA area, please help out. Be a part of history.

From Chil:

Hello everyone!

I’m shooting my feature The Mikado Project,  A film version of the play I directed over a year ago.  The play version was written by Ken Narasaki and Doris Baizley as part of Lodestone Theater Ensemble’s 2006-2007 season.

That amazing show was only made possible through the loving support of the cast and crew of the play who put their heart and soul into that ground breaking production.  From the Sound Design, to the choreography to the acting, it was a labor of love for all.

And now I’m in the process of filming a very different film version.  I’ve added characters, and the story line has changed into a celebration of 4 generations of Theater Artists, a mix of WAITING FOR GUFFMAN, STEP UP AND DANCE, and NOISES OFF that begins with a struggling Asian American Theater Company who decides to do the first all Asian American version of THE MIKADO.  This film has become a tribute to the people who made Lodestone possible, all the talented artists, actors, crew and community members who have supported Lodestone, through the years.

With that I need help.  We will be shooting the “performance” parts of the film on SAT and SUN night June 14th and 15th from 6-10 PM, and we need people to be part of the “opening” night of the show.  We need 70 people per night to make the house (audience) look packed as we shoot all the dance sequences of the revamped music. 

It’s a rare opportunity to see:
Tamlyn Tomita (Tekken, Karate Kid II), Allen C. Liu (original broadway revival of Flower Drum Song), Erin Quill (original Broadway cast of Avenue Q), Yuri Tag (of Kaba Modern), Raymond Lee (broadway production of Momma Mia), Rizwan Manji (Charlie Wilson’s War, Transformers), Freda Foh Shen (Red Doors) Gerald McCullouch (CSI) and Ryun Yu (Long time Lodestone member) perform a very different MIKADO.

Come out and be part of a fun film.

We’d need you to dress as if for an opening night,  Nothing too fancy, but dress California Dressy Casual.  We will provide food and drinks.

Please email Angie at rubberduckypictures@gmail.com and let her know you’ll be there.  She’s cc’d on this email.

again contact Angie at

And thank you all in advance!

I Miss NY

And I was reminded why last night when I went to see some damn good theater by a New York-heavy roster of One Acts here in LA! If you live in Los Angeles, you should definitely go check out The Thumping Claw’s 2008 show. There are four one acts (and though a bit uneven in quality) overall, the show is well worth the money — and even better, proceeds from the show go towards The Chinese Parents Association for the Disabled.

I was particularly fond of Michael Golamco‘s “Please Stand By” which featured a really powerful performance by Vivian Bang. I also really enjoyed the always funny and poignant Lloyd Suh whose piece “Happy Birthday William Abernathy” is easily on par with Edward Albee’s “Zoo Story.” Go get some culture!



Thursdays – Saturdays @ 8pm May 23rd – June 21st

The Actor’s Playpen
1514 N Gardner St
Los Angeles, CA 90046

STREET PARKING ONLY! (Please allocate time for parking)

Tickets: $22 at the Door, $18 Online at Brown Paper Tickets.com http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/34812 or call 1-800-838-3006(Discount Groups, Senior and Student tickets available by emailing thumpingclaw@gmail.com)


Four original one-acts written by acclaimed and
emerging Asian American playwrights.  The show will run at the Actor’s
Playpen in Hollywood from May 23rd (Preview Night May 22nd) to June

Featured Plays:

“Post It” By Julia Cho, Directed by Leslie Ishii
Cast: Tess Lina, Paul Nakauchi

“Happy Birthday William Abernathy” by Lloyd Suh, Directed by David J. Lee
Cast: Weston Blakesley, Greg Watanabe

“Please Stand By” by Michael Golamco, Directed by Heidi Helen Davis
Cast: Vivian Bang, Monica Hong, Bernadette Bonfiglio

“Dissipating Heat” by Carla Ching
Cast: Karen Huie, Miley Yamamoto, Baldeep Singh

Produced by Neil Sehgal, David J. Lee, Andrea Apuy & Ewan Chung
Designers & Crew: Thea Ivens, Luis Delgado, Junko Goda, Howard Ho & Marcy Hiratzka 

A portion of this year’s ticket sales will go towards the Chinese Parents Association for the Disabled (www.cpad.org),
a non-profit organization dedicated to help individuals with special
needs such as autism, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy, and their