All Mixed Up

Check out this web-radio station BPR. It’s pretty cool (and I’m not just saying that because they asked me to make a playlist). It’s a Boston-based radio station that is aimed at promoting Asian American aritsts.

From BPR:

Mission Statement

The goal of Boston Progress Radio is to:

  • Create a space for the expression of Asian American voices and experiences.
  • Build community between Asian American artists and the people who appreciate their work.
  • Provide an Internet stream dedicated to featuring the music of Asian American artists.

Boston Progress Radio is an online radio station and blog maintained by members of the Boston Progress Arts Collective. BPR is a place for members to share individual perspectives about issues relevant to the AA community.

Who is Boston Progress Radio?

Boston Progress Radio is affiliated with the Boston Progress Arts Collective.
BPR is run by a small number of volunteers in the Boston, MA area. Our
volunteers have a wide range of interests and skills that are relevant
to running an Internet radio stream and website. We have people who
manage and maintain the website, post news and articles, design
graphics, and of course, create/write/listen to music. However, we are
always looking for more volunteers. If you are interested in being a
part of Boston Progress Radio, contact us at

You can find us on myspace: BPR Live! @ Myspace and Facebook.


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