I Want My MTV

Another opportunity:

MTV NETWORKS is looking for fresh, edgy, globally-savvy production talents who are well-connected and have extensive knowledge of alternative, underground culture.

We are launching a new global media brand. Targeting hip, progressive people from around the world (aged 18 – 29) who consider themselves English-speaking ethnic, diasporic or bi-cultural, the brand will be found on TV and the Internet.  The content will be music-focused, and also include political & social issues, entertainment, fashion, art & design, environment, sports. and any other issues relevant to our target audience.

HENCE, we are looking for freelance producer-editors, photographers, on-air talents, writers and bloggers in these regions:

*    United States
*    Australia
*    Canada
*    Hong Kong
*    India
*    Japan
*    Korea
*    Singapore
*    United Kingdom
Candidates must be technologically-savvy, globally-aware, interested in Global Asian music & youth culture, Pan-Asian sensitive.

Producer-Editor: Must be able to research; conceive relevant story ideas, write, shoot & edit.  Submit your resume & show reel or sample clips.

Photographer: Photographers with a global point of view to create edgy photo essays and images. Submit your resume & portfolio.

Writer: Contributors who will write compelling pieces on the above-mentioned subjects. Both short and substantial articles needed. Submit your resume & writing samples.

Blogger: Records on an on-going basis on above-mentioned subjects. Submit your resume & writing samples.

On-Air Talent: No extensive experience is required. Submit your headshot & show reel or sample clips.


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