Black Like Me

According to BBC news: “The High Court in South Africa has ruled that Chinese South Africans are to be reclassified as black people.” And it’s a good thing.



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  1. The white South Africans I know (And I’m just saying, the ones I know) are racist. They also cheat on their wives. White mischief, the indigenous peoples call it. So, they can’t spell Asian? They don’t think it’s an actual race? I’m not surprised, I’m just disgusted with them. Also, they come over here or to England, and they’re very spoiled, they’re used to having servants. Because you can get servants there for very cheap. But they can’t do it here legally. So they complain about having to pick up after themselves. The wives are used to being queens. But they are queens that get cheated on.I know you probably don’t care. Also, you probably are sick of me commenting you.

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