Fuck The LPGA

From Newsday.com:

rights and Asian-American groups said yesterday an LPGA decision to
require golfers to speak English is insulting and possibly illegal.

Several national news outlets reported that the reaction in the pro
golf community was more mixed, with some questioning the language
policy and others saying foreign-born players would benefit from
learning English.

But Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties
Union, said the LPGA could open itself up to a discrimination lawsuit
if it bars golfers from participating because of their national origin.

The language policy is expected to most affect the LPGA’s 45 South
Korean members. There are 121 international players from 26 countries
on the tour. “If they are targeting people based on language when
language is not essential to the job at hand, which is playing golf,
then it is discrimination,” Lieberman said.

Many South Korean players, including Hall of Famer Se Ri Pak,
acknowledge there is a problem on the tour and support the language
policy, according to reports. The LPGA has told players who have been
members for two years that they could face suspension if they do not
become competent in English by next year.

Richard Konda, executive director of the San Jose, Calif.-based Asian
Law Alliance, said the policy is “troubling” given golf’s checkered
history on race relations. He also said the LPGA could be guilty of
discrimination on the basis of national origin.

The Washington, D.C.-based Asian-American Justice Center called on the
LPGA to retract the policy, which it called “tantamount to national
origin discrimination.” Konda added: “They should be very careful in
terms of enacting a thing like this because it seems to me that they
are going backwards instead of forwards.”


4 thoughts on “

  1. I get that this sucks and I dislike it too, but I do understand where they’re coming from.  If most of their money comes from corporate sponsorships, and corporate sponsors want to meet, greet, and play with the golfers – then speaking English becomes part of the business model.  LPGA golfers are already fined if the sponsors didn’t like them.Unless people are willing to step up and pay for a large number of non-English speaking Korean golfers, there’s really nothing to be done.  You can’t force a private business to lose money any more than you can force a corporate sponsor to give more.

  2. Imagine being a golfer and going to a foreign country on tour and being told that you’re not allowed to play because you can’t speak their language.  I think it’s awful.

  3. From a guy of euro decent.  In very poor taste, and should have been handled way off the table and away from the cameras to avoid this type of embarrassment.  w84meplease really points out some very accurate points, as researching this one was easy.  To take the emotional side is easy, english only, racist golfers…thats really not the case.As W8 pointed out, LPGA is a buisness. They just don’t want people walking around playing golf, they want people playing golf with sponsors.  If this sport was based in Korea I would expect the same rules.My opinion-I think the way it was handled was tasteless, poorly managed, and heads should role.  However, this is a free economy, and the sponsors are the reason the sport is televised in the first place.  The ACLU will blow this one way out of proportion, but free market will persist, and those wishing to participate, will adapt, just as the USA has to the world economy.

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