Casting Call

Got this in the email box for a reading in New York:

Hello Friends!

many of you may of may not know, I am getting ready to launch a theatre
company I co-founded with my pal, Ryan Victor Pierce: Mixed Phoenix
Theatre Group.

We launch our reading series October 7th with
three one-act plays. One play, which is part of our evening of
one-acts, Broken English, has been a bit challenging to cast.

are seeking a Korean actress in her 40’s-60’s to play a mother of a man
in his 20’s. The story is about a son who struggles to be accepted as
American while holding onto acceptance from his mother’s traditional

It is a small 10-minute one act which will require one
rehearsal and be performed October 7th at Bar on A (11th Street &
Bar on Ave A) as part of our theatre company launch.
I have attached our flyer which includes our mission statement.

Please tell your friends and make reservations!
We will send our formal email blast later but this is a call for an actress which I hope you may be able to help cast.

Thanks so much and hope all are well!

*Danielle Soames


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