Ajuma For Obama

Not sure if I can figure out how to format the post I wrote below properly, so in case the text is getting cut off, go here.

Ajuma for Obama

October 12, 2008
To all my Korean American brothers and sisters,

Please forward this to your parents, grandparents, their friends and…  their enemies too. (If you happen to be an adoptee, sorry for the assumption, but you can still pass it along to older Koreans you know — also, feel free to pass this video by Sarah Silverman to your parents instead).
The video below was made by some friends of mine about why one 1st Generation Korean American woman is voting for Barack Obama. It’s not very new content-wise to those already down with the cause, but if anyone was on the fence, maybe hearing it from someone who comes from their generation will help them decide.
And if you are younger Korean American who needs words of wisdom from an elder. Listen to Annabel’s mother! Thanks!


Hi all.
I love this video that Eric, Harry and I just made featuring a great Obama volunteer, my mom.  She explains very simply, sincerely and persuasively why she is now a born-again, Obama-loving Democrat.
Enjoy and please share.

Thank you!
Annabel Park
(703) 944-9661
Korean America


3 thoughts on “

  1. either annabel is an adoptee herself… OR she’s got to be one of those thats already heavily involved in the korean adoptee community somehow… cuz NO other regular korean american would even think of including adoptees like that the way its written here…

  2. i origionally skimmed this post too quickly when i commented… nice to feel some sense of acklowedgement from other regular ka’s… prolly cuz i often assume they wont… anyways, nice video that i could easily send off to other korean families i know…

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