Mama needs a med school scholarship! Please vote for our picture on Brickfish and help make this babies future more bright (and mine).

From Mama:

Hi, everyone!

You all know that I’ll be starting at George Washington Univ Med School in August. What you may not know is that year after year, GW is one of the most expensive med schools in the nation. So, I’m applying to every scholarship I can find, including these Brickfish photo contests, and YOU CAN HELP! Just click on the link below and vote for my picture “Obama Baby!” It’s the same pic you may have seen on my facebook account a couple months ago!


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  1. Hey good luck with the scholarship hunt. GW is soo freakin expensive.I’m Sarah. Just thought I’d introduce myself. I’m a random subscriber.. lolI guess we’ll be classmates by the end of Summertime.=]

  2. Michael, I am surprised you have not yet blogged regarding the Avatar live action casting fiasco.  As your blog gets mad hits and traffic, and you have a voice, I wish you would put up an official blog entry regarding this further disgracing of AA’s from Hollywood.  And M. Night is even the director and condoning this practice (granted he showed anti-East Asian signs in that one POS movie with Paul Giammatti in it), but he’s Asian (though Indian), and it’s total BS.  This just keeps on happening.  Is Francine Maisler behind the casting (she put out a casting notice in ‘Milk’ for the Chinese guy to be ‘THE ULTIMATE DORK’ in all caps, too.  She also cast Memoirs of a Geisha.  Anyway, Mike, Derek Kim and Gene Yang are starting a petition and they talk about this issue in much greater detail.  They need industry professionals to sign to lend weight.Mike (and everyone else too):Please visit Derek’s blog at: http://www.lowbright.com/

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