Bale Out

Like everyone else, I thought this audio leak was hilarious and I loved the remixes. But one thing I will say in Bale’s defense is that I think the DP is a douchebag for walking into a shot. It sounds to me like a selfish power play on the DP’s part — walking into the shot renders the take useless.

The only reason someone would want to do that, is so that whatever they didn’t like about the scene wouldn’t be used. As the director of photography, that is not his call. That is why there is someone on set called the director.  By walking on while the cameras are rolling, he wasn’t thinking about anyone else’s contribution to the film e.g. the performance, the crew, etc. It’s similar to stupid tricks that shitty actors pull so that they can get more screentime. Like I said, the DP sounds like a douchebag and he probably deserved the tongue lashing.


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  1. but when i listened to the clip, bale said something about walking around and distracting him, not anything about directly walking in the shot.  i was under the impression that the DP was walking within Bale’s line of sight, not necessarily on set.  is that still a faux pas?

  2. I think Bale behaved like an ass but I do like that he is supposedly encouraging people to make fun of him for this.  @MiracleMax – I didn’t listen to the whole thing – it’s a little repetitive 🙂 but I did notice that he did yell about the guy walking through.

  3. I listened to the clip a few days ago and was sure Bale said the DP walked through the scene two times, causing him to have to re-do his take two times.  The DP had to be up to something, was completely disrespectful/didn’t care, wanted attention or was being a troublemaker.Although Bale acted completely tyrannical in his outburst, it’s perfectly understandable that it would be frustrating for the actor to have to re-do his scene because someone walked through the shot (twice), rendering both takes useless.  Not to mention that film crews/actors usually have very long days trying to get a scene just right.  The DP was being an idiot and had to have known when the scene was being filmed/shot.  

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