I Am Terrified Of Google

I saw this on AngryAsianMan.com. The auto-suggestion thing on Google came up with “I am extremely terrified of Chinese people” when you type in “I am extremely…” I thought it was pretty funny (and kind of sad). So I started doing some other searches to see what kind of suggestions I got.

For “Chinese people…”:

  • Chinese people eating dogs
  • Chinese people eating babies
  • Chinese people eating cats

For “Korean people…”:

  • Korean people never sleep
  • Korean people rude

For “Japanese people…”:

  • Japanese people are weird

For “Indian people…”:

  • Indian people smell
  • Indian people stink

To be fair, I thought I’d check out some Europeans too.

For “French people..”:

  • French people smell
  • French people stink
  • French people rude

(So I guess the French are a combination of Indians and Koreans)

For “British people…”:

  • British people bad teeth
  • British people ugly

11 thoughts on “

  1. And this is how many of the students do “research” these days.  I can imagine an Anglo-American 5th grader writing a report on China and its People for social studies and using Google results to learn things for their report.  So it is terrifying the damage this can do.

  2. haha this was pretty interesting. is auto-suggestion based on whats most commonly searched?(i wonder after this discovery, if “I am extremely terrified of chinese people” became more suggest-ed)

  3. You can’t hate the messenger in this case. first of all, start hating on Amber (http://christwire.org/author/amber/) for coming up the article. Secondly, don’t click on that suggestion or else goog will keep it in it’s top 10 forever. I should write an article entitled, “I Am Extremely Terrified of Obama’s stimulus package and how it won’t create the 1 to 10M jobs it promises to create by the year 2010.”

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