Sorry, I haven’t been updating much recently. But if you are still a reader here, my friend/producer Karin Chien is working on a short film. It sounds like it could be a fun opportunity for someone’s Auntie. If you know anyone, please get in touch with her. Here’s the casting notice:


Looking for a 50s-70s Chinese woman to star in a short film by acclaimed indie director ROSE TROCHE (THE L WORD, GO FISH). The film will be featured in an exhibition about New York’s Chinatown for the Museum of Chinese in America. Non-professionals ok, Chinese speakers preferred. Film will shoot one day in New York’s Chinatown over the next 2 weeks.

Please send any interest, referrals, inquires, or suggestions to


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  1. hi… i didn’t get the chance to see west 32nd and I wanted to purchase a dvd or vhs… Is it coming out? Do you have one to sell me? Please let me know… Thanks!!

  2. totally random but i vaguely remember you posting some tips on negotiating a better deal with verizon (was it you? it was pretty long ago) … you wouldn’t happen to have those tips still do you?  other than that, looking forward to hearing about your upcoming projects!  i haven’t logged into xanga in months (i’m all about facebook now, for better or worse).

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