West 32nd on DVD ~ OCTOBER 13!

It’s the real thing and it’s finally here — West 32nd on DVD (packed with extras!).
You’ve been waiting a long time for this day to come. This is the movie you’ve heard about or caught at its festival run throughout the world (Tribeca Film Festival, Pusan Film Festival, etc.). Get it where all DVDs are sold or rented.
Tell your friends!
-West 32nd Team 

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Pathfinder Pictures presents
West 32nd
a film by Michael Kang
featuring John Cho, Jun Kim and Grace Park
“Korean-American director Michael Kang gives the classicdetective genre a fresh twist as he tells the untold story of a Koreathat exists in the heart of the Big Apple.”
“What separates Michael Kang’s second feature from the rest, however, isthe location: New York’s shady Koreatown. By transplanting the roomsalons and hierarchies to Queens, Kang has created a film that’s bothfresh and familiar.”
  • 16:9 Anamorphic Aspect Ratio
  • Audio Commentary with Director Michael Kang and Actors John Cho and Jun Kim
    Deleted Scenes
  • Production Gag Reel
  • Music Video for Heather Park’s “Leave Me To Dream”
  • Interview with writers Michael Kang and Edmund Lee
  • Official Trailer 

When John Kim, an ambitious young lawyer, takes on a pro bono case to exonerate a fourteen-year-old boy from a first degree murder charge, he finds a world he never knew existed in the underbelly of Manhattan -the Korean underworld. Infiltrating the knotty and complex realm of Korean organized crime to search for clues, he meets his match, MikeJuhn, a rising soldier in the syndicate. Recognizing John’s determination and daring, Mike brings John into his confidence, furtively drawing him into his scheme to re-shuffle the Korean underworld. Though they become fast friends, they just as quickly end up trying to outfox each other as they discover they’ll both do anything to win.


When I came to Los Angeles to pursue acting 10 years ago, it felt like I was one of very few Korean American guys in town.  In the years since, the situation has changed dramatically – I would never have guessed then that there would be so many prominent Korean American actors working today.  And it’s been so exciting to see that growth paralleled by the growth of Korean cinema in the global market.
I began to wonder what it would be like if resources and talent flowed both ways, from the United States to Korea and back?   One of the first answers to that question is a Michael Kang movie I acted in called West32nd.  It’s set in New York’s Koreatown; it’s often bi-lingual; itstars Korean American and Korean actors; and it was financed by CJ Entertainment, a Korean company that took a chance on this uniquely entertaining thriller. 
On a personal note, the experience of making this film is among the most gratifying of my life.  My character’s discovery of his own culture mirrored my own experience with a largely Korean American cast and crew. It was a special time for me.
But the opportunity to give birth to a new category of film – theKorean/American co-production – is also special.  In success, I hope this film is a catalyst for stories, talent, and resources to be shared between Koreans and Korean Americans.  It would be a shame for us to drop the ball on this now.
West 32nd is available on DVD October 13.  We ask that you please alert those you know.  This is the way it happens – people emailing friends and family.  Thank you very much for reading.

-John Cho

Actor West 32nd

GraceThemaking of West 32nd, with its story, characters and cast, was an absolute gem of an experience.  From the moment I read the openingsequence I was enthralled with the tapestry of visual stories that spun around you, seducing you into the underground world that lives andbreathes on Manhattan’s West 32nd.
Upon meeting the cast at ourtable read the first day, it was apparent that we were in the presence of casting magic, which became transformed into charismatic, compelling, inviting and dark performances and characters.  It is hard to take your eyes off of these people as they live on screen.
Being a part of this film was really important to me.  It represents discovery.  Discovery of myKorean heritage, peers, working in the Korean language, and the Koreanfilm market.  As well for the audience, there’s an unveiling, learning and exploration of this unique covert subculture.   And finally I had apersonal revelation of myself involving self-image, perception and awareness  because of my experience of and interactions from playing”Lila”.
This film comes at an excitingtime with Hollywood and Korea reaching out to each other, broadening and deepening their horizons.  This film is a rich symbol of thatconsummation.  Support and watch West 32nd and be a part of history. Thanks

Grace Park

Actress West 32nd


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