What’s in spam?

I’ve been getting some unusual spam emails recently. No links to viagra sites or Nigerian princes. Just odd sections of prose. Here’s one:

“What do you mean? How much is it that you need? He’s about done the job now. Her father shook his head sadly. But I know I am right.
That was where I got Eliza. What else could it point to?Let us hope it’s the opposite here. Have you seen it? And I have about as much more. Perhaps you are right.
Keep your head down and hang on! During the last days after Dr. Cherie perked up. That is quite a different matter. Leakage of magic? You’re compelled to fend for yourself.”

Anyone else get these? What do they mean?


Tribeca Film Institute

Thought you might want to know that I’ll be serving on the Narrative Jury for Tribeca All Access this year. If you are at the festival, look me up.

Tribeca All Access 2010 Program Announcement

The 2010 Tribeca All Access (TAA) program will hold six days of events taking place April 19 – 24 during this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, held from April 21 – May 2, 2010.  A year round program of the Tribeca Film Institute, Tribeca All Access supports the careers of filmmakers who hail from communities traditionally under-represented in the film industry.


20 U.S.-based filmmakers will participate with narrative scripts and documentary work-in-progress.  In addition, 4 international projects will participate through partnerships with the UK Film Council and Canadian Film Centre.  The selected filmmakers along with their accredited team members will have access to workshops, networking opportunity, and one on one meetings with registered industry at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.  Please visit the industry corner for more info on the selected filmmakers and projects.

2010 Program and Events

This year’s program will begin with a Kick Off celebration that will help build the relationships of the selected filmmakers and the industry.  The celebration will include a tribute honoring the 20th anniversary of the film House Party and feature a special performance by guests of honor and original cast members Kid & Play and Full Force along with producer Warrington Hudlin and DJ Whiz.  TAA alumnus K’naan, will also perform his song Wavin’ Flag, the official song for the upcoming 2010 FIFA/Coca Cola World Cup.  The participants will gather the next day for a welcome lunch , where the selected filmmakers and Tribeca All Access supporters can meet and discuss the events and goals ahead.  The selected filmmakers will also get to participate in special workshops with respected Industry personnel and later get feedback on their pitch before taking part in three days of one on one scheduled meetings with the registered Industry.  A special TFI award show will conclude the week of networking, pitching, and advancement of their careers.

TAA Creative Promise Award

At the 2010 TFI Award Celebration a total of $35,000 will be awarded in juried cash prizes to selected TAA winners through the TAA Creative Promise Award.  Amongst the 2010 Tribeca All Access narrative jurors are Anthony Anderson, Anika Noni Rose, Hill Harper, Michael Kang, Kadeem Hardison, Victoria Rowell, and Kelly RutherfordThe 2010 Tribeca All Access Documentary jurors are Rebecca Cammisa and Linda Goode Bryant