Burning Bush

This is awesome. Just heard about this exhibit of work by artist Johnathan Yeo. This portrait of George Bush is made entirely of porn magazine images. If you don’t believe me, check out the details on the artist’s site here and here and here.


Casting Call

Got this in the email box for a reading in New York:

Hello Friends!

many of you may of may not know, I am getting ready to launch a theatre
company I co-founded with my pal, Ryan Victor Pierce: Mixed Phoenix
Theatre Group.

We launch our reading series October 7th with
three one-act plays. One play, which is part of our evening of
one-acts, Broken English, has been a bit challenging to cast.

are seeking a Korean actress in her 40’s-60’s to play a mother of a man
in his 20’s. The story is about a son who struggles to be accepted as
American while holding onto acceptance from his mother’s traditional

It is a small 10-minute one act which will require one
rehearsal and be performed October 7th at Bar on A (11th Street &
Bar on Ave A) as part of our theatre company launch.
I have attached our flyer which includes our mission statement.

Please tell your friends and make reservations!
We will send our formal email blast later but this is a call for an actress which I hope you may be able to help cast.

Thanks so much and hope all are well!

*Danielle Soames

From PR-Inside:

Sarah Palin: 40% Chance to Take Over as President // McCain Has Only 80% Odds of Living Out A Presidency

The chances that Vice President Sarah Palin would have to take over from President John McCain if they were elected could be as high as 40%, since McCain has about a 20% chance of dying in office, and a much higher risk of becoming disabled from a variety of conditions, including a stroke or Alzheimer’s, both diseases which can impair judgment and where the risks increase very rapidly with age, notes Professor John Banzhaf of George Washington University.

Register To Give A Shit

Register to Vote
Sarah Palin is a great lesson on why voting matters. She won her election in Wasilla by a couple hundred votes. Only 1500 of the 7000 residents voted. Had a few more actually taken an interest in local politics back in 1992, we may not be in this very awful and potentially dangerous position we are in today with another nutjob idealogue hypocrite so close to being the most powerful person in America!

VOTE! And if you haven’t already REGISTER TO VOTE! It matters.